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ADSL Internet Access

The Actual Line / Telkom Port charge

What is this ?

ADSL is a copper based technology provided by Telkom. Your line rental is broken down into two components:

ADSL is offered at different speeds as detailed on the right of our web page, and as such has different price options.

Why would I want CIS to do this?

Telkom allow ISP's to resell the ADSL component in order to be able to offer a full service to their clients. This means we can take the hassel of support calls to a call center out of your hands and can assist with the complete ADSL service right down to the physcal line. Some examples of what we can do are as follows: Port Rests / Line Regrades / New line Provisioning and Fault Logging.
There is also a small saving to be had by comparison to our competitors and Telkom itself.