Low cost fixed price uncapped ADSL accounts on the Internet Solutions backbone.

Uncapped ADSL from CIS

  • Uncapped is internet without hard cap - I.E as much data as you need for a flat fee without a hard cap!
  • In the matrix to the left the speed in kb/s is the speed your connection will be limited to - I.E how much data can go back and forth down your line per second - more is better!
  • Click the price in the Matrix of your selection to create an application PDF online


Uncapped ADSL prices

Consumer Connect Home Connect Uncapped at work
1024 kb/s R 210Consumer Connect R 390Uncapped at work
2048 kb/s R 380Consumer Connect R 280Home Connect R 520Uncapped at work
4096 kb/s R 490Consumer Connect R 420Home Connect R 860Uncapped at work
6144 kb/s R 670Consumer Connect R 980Uncapped at work
8192 kb/s R 1,090Consumer Connect R 1,130Uncapped at work
10240 kb/s R 1,620Consumer Connect R 1,380Uncapped at work
20480 kb/s R 1,950Consumer Connect
40960 kb/s R 2,780Consumer Connect

What's the difference between the plans ? The simple answer is Shaping!


Consumer Connect

Home Connect

Uncapped at work