Free trial, no commitment required. Ongoing costs range from R300pm.

"Technofresh is a company that corresponds with over 3000 Fresh produce suppliers and in order for us to get our message across and communicate effectively we need a reliable and scalable platform. For this purpose CIS Mailing lists is absolutely ideal. We get our messages out to our clients immediately and reliably. The system works very well and is easy enough for any user to manage. Thank you CIS for an excellent product!"

Rodney Trollip
Technofresh (Pty) Ltd


Email Marketing / Bulk Email distribution

Distribute updates, newletters, pricelists to your clients easily and within the law

  • Simple - No HTML templates or complicated web applications - drive this product from your normal email client - MS Outlook, Mac Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird or any other email client.
  • Compliant - Opt out / unsubscribe mechanisms to ensure your clients wishes are respected. We include both Single Click to Unsubscribe and List Unsubscribe automatically.
  • Reporting - Use our built in reporting or integrate your email campaign with your website's Google Analytics - full walk-through instructions provided.
  • List Management - Use our web interface or integrate with your back office systems.

Please see our Conditions of use and Setup Requirements.

Our pricing is not based on the number of emails sent, but rather the total volume of data sent.

If your emails are each around 500kB in size If your emails are each around 250kB in size If your emails are each around 25kB in size
Costs number of emails you can send per month cost per email number of emails you can send per month cost per email number of emails you can send per month cost per email
2100 14.29c 4200 7.14c 42000 0.71c
10500 8.10c 21000 4.05c 210000 0.41c
30000 6.00c 60000 3.00c 600000 0.30c
55000 4.55c 110000 2.27c 1100000 0.23c



Tired of your emails ending up like this when they're received?

Screen shot of email with remote images blocked

We don't force you to include your images from a remote source.