To get an ADSL Account simply click on the pricing option you want and follow the online instructions.

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Each ADSL access plan has a clickable link that will take you to an online form that will generate the correctly completed PDF for your choice.

All you have to do is save, print, sign, scan and return it to us.


ADSL Internet Access



Per GB


Selectable contentionWe do not over contend our standard profile, you can be sure of a fast service no matter what your line speed or time of day.  We do offer a more heavily contended 'lite' profile for budget conscious clients.  You can switch profiles in just 5 minutes using just a standard webbrowser, without any penalty.

CNAME service

CNameCIS authenticates it's own clients.  This gives us instant access to your IP address as soon as you connect.  We operate a public sub-domain that will contain an A record that always points to your ADSL connection. Using a CNAME record in your domain you can refer to this to host your own services.

You don't need to install/maintain any software. No need for DynDNS or similar services.

This feature is useful for VPN or Support purposes.

Control Panel

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Using our Control Panel you can:-