To prevent spammers from using your email address to send spam, publish an SPF Record it's easy and free.

Our anti-spam solution is so successful it has been sold into other hosting companies.

Top 10 threats detected by our systems so far this week, not including nearly 300 messages/hour blocked via RBLs:-

Most importanly we have less than 5 complaints a year (out of 250000 emails) i.e. less than 0.00016%.

Email & Web hosting


We offer simple, cheap, secure IMAP/POP mailboxes that work with Apple's iPhone and Google's G1/Android as well as PC/MAC email software.

All Inbound email is filtered using anti-spam technology developed and refined over 7 years. 

Service providers either use 3rd parties for email cleansing (leaving them no direct control over what is included/excluded or how it's done) or use an application on their server to do it themselves.

We use 8 rejection systems spread over 4 applications. Our solution is used to protect over 30 domains containing thousands of email addresses jointly receiving over 12000 emails per day.


CIS offers basic Apache shared website hosting with sftp access to the underlying files.

We do also host websites developed in the Joomla ( Content Management System (CMS) and in our own basic (easy to use) CMS.

We can host your site on our own servers in South Africa or the United Kingdom.  Unlike other local hosting providers we have staff on site at both sites to take immediate action when necessary.

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